How many of you had difficulties with studying mathematics? I guess most of us find mathematics a difficult subject to study. For many, it might be a painful task to do. So let’s break it down to why students find it hard and how can we try to get rid of or make it easier to some extent.

Not understanding the basic concepts:

Not just in mathematics but in any subject or topic if you want to study and excel but if you are not clear with the basics of it then you won’t be able to move forward with all the concepts associated with it and you get lost in the middle. It is like you don’t even know the basic grammar but you want to be good in English which is like an impossible thing to achieve without knowing the basic needs.

So the best thing you can do is break down or invest much time in the basic concepts as much as you can so that everything will be easier later.

Take help from the Internet

These days you have multiple free sources to learn mathematics. if you are not clear from the lectures in classes then hop onto the internet and look for the youtube videos or blog posts where things might have been made even simpler with better examples. Don’t just give up on the idea that if you could not read in class you won’t be able to read and understand from other sources. There are free youtube videos on the internet from multiple top university teachers which you can watch and learn from the comfort or your home in your free time.

Relate the subjects with real-time examples:

When we just learn theory in class but we don’t know where we can implement it everyone will forget it over time. So the focus has to be trying to fix the real issues with the concepts you have learned.

When we know where are the mathematics concepts we are learning going to be used, we get more focused and try to learn more about it and even become interested to learn.

So always have a habit of asking for real-time use cases or try to understand where it could be implemented in the real world. It gives us a clear picture of why are we really learning it.