The most popular exam of all time in Nepal is considered as SEE or SLC. People also used to call it as the IRON GATE to clear. The SEE had that impression among parents and students attending it. It is considered and has the same vibes still. Students who appeared for the exam or so enthusiastic and crazy about the exam and the result after. The city and the community get filled with SEE vibes at the time of the result. Students wearing red Tika and khada and wandering around here and there is the common scene during the result time.

The resulting time is coming soon and hearty congratulation and best wishes to every student of Nepal who appeared in the examination.

Visit your School and consult the teacher:

The internet penetration rate in Nepal is still low. Most of the students are from the rural area where there are no internet and stable mobile service. For those categories of students, the best option to check your result will be to visit the respective school and consult the teacher on duty. Even though it might be the off day, we guarantee, teachers will be available on that big day for students.

Consult your elders:

For those who are not familiar with using the sms and internet services. Get help from seniors who know the process well. Who are familiar with using the internet and sms services and get you, your result.

Problem getting your result?

Last year, the result had to be published 2 times due to some mistakes in the first data entry. Many students got an increase in their grades on second-time result checking. But the question is what if you are not able to get results from any source available?

Doubts on SEE Grading system?

Another doubt among students is the grade they receive. If you have doubts about it. If you don’t know how to convert the GPA to Grades, you can download and use this Google android app. which will help you to convert your GPA score to SEE Grading system points. Here is the link to the Android App

SEE Result Publishing Date are always Late:

From years of experience, we can see that the SEE/SLC result has never happened at the right time. There are records when results are published even a couple of months late.

More information on SEE result check procedure:

You can search for the different ways we have available to check results online or offline. Always feel free to contact us via comments or via our Facebook official page of

Social media ways to check SEE result:

SEE/SLC result gets published in all the major social media like the printing press, the internet, and a few websites. will not be collecting the data information on the student’s results unlike in previous years but we will always and keep continue assisting students online or offline to help them get their results and proper guidance. Most of the students get lost or confused when they don’t get their results. We are there to help them and give proper guidance in such cases.

Communication medium for SEE/SLC result:

The world is ruled by mobile phones and the internet. The result of yours can be easily available with a single messaging system. There are many SMS Service providers helping you to get your result. Not just SMS you can get your result from a landline phone too. If you have internet you can use it too.

How to get the SEE Gradesheet?

The only source to get the grade sheet is the official SEE website of sanothimi and NTC website. No other websites have the authority to provide you with a grade sheet or mark sheet of yours.