Many congratulations to all SEE students who passed the exam and got good grades. For those who could not clear on the first try, best wishes to them as well. We wish the supplementary exam they gave was better than the main exam and we wish them good luck this time and hope they get good grades as expected.

SEE supplementary 2080 exam result

The supplementary exam was scheduled for Shrawan 26 &27. Students with Grades C and lower than that could give a re-exam but at max two subjects.

How to check SEE supplementary 2080 result with GPA marks

There are multiple websites that participated officially and registered at the NEB national education board of Nepal to authorize and show SEE students online / offline / via SMS. All other websites are not genuine or fake and are promising to show your SEE result.

How to check SEE supplementary 2080 result in online

  1. Simply visit the website on your computer browser or in your mobile browser.
  2. Type your details like:
    1. Name
    2. Symbol number
    3. phone number
  3.  And you get your GPA score in your supplementary exam.

Alternative way to check SEE supplementary exam result:

If you don’t have an internet connection at home then these might be a few of the possible ways you can use to check your result.

  • Visit a nearby newspaper shop as the result is published in the newspaper as well. You might not even need to buy it as few shops allow the student to check their result on paper free of cost.
  • Make use of sparrow sms service to get your result but they charge you some money per sms.
    Type SEE Symbol-Number and Send SMS to 35001
    and you get your result back as a SMS.


checking mark sheet after checking grades: will provide you the GPA score but you won’t be able to see the mark sheet. to get your marksheet please follow the following procedure.

  • visit the website link
  • Type your symbol number in the first text box
  • Type your date of birth in second text box
  • click Search Result button
  • If you have correctly provided your personal details then you will get your mark sheet as well for each subject for which you have the re-exam.
  • Download your Certificate. As there is no download button simply take the screenshot or ask someone to print the page for you if you are checking the result from cyber cafe.

Why are supplementary re-exams conducted:

The supplementary re-exams are taken so that students who got fewer grades in more than 2 subjects could boost their grades at least and get a chance to read the subject of their choice. for some, they could not have prepared well for the main exam due to some circumstances like, might have got busy with some work or might have got sick so this is a good opportunity for such students to grasp some more grades.

SEE supplementary 2080 result

List of all the websites where you can see the results of SEE supplementary re-exam

These are the authorized website that are responsible and have the authority to publish SEE exam results on their website:

  • Nepal telecom result page

The grading system of SEE in Nepal:

Nepal started following the grading system for SEE results in the past 5-6 years. Check here the detail information regarding the SEE grading system in Nepal.

Marks percentage grade grade poin Status
90 to 100 A+ 4.0 Outstanding
80 to less than 90 A 3.6 Excellent
70 to less than 80 B+ 3.2 Very Good
60 to less than 70 B 2.8 Good
50 to less than 60 C+ 2.4 Satisfactory
40 to less than 50 C 2.0 Acceptable
35 to less than 40 D 1.6 Basic
0 to less than 35 NG Not Graded Not Graded