One thing We would personally love to see is every college running only during morning hours. Most of them run in on morning hours but it’s not the same for all the streams. In general, normally science colleges run in the daytime. The reason why It should be in day time is as follows:

Students can work:

Many students might not be financially sound so for them if college runs in the morning hours they can do some jobs full-time or part-time on day time and make some earnings to pay their college bills.

Also if they work they build the skill as well which might benefit them in the future. Softskill is what they learn most when they work. What Nepalese students lack is soft skills as they are not taught about them in school and even in colleges so working experience can be the best way to learn such skills.

Leisure time to explore:

Colleges in Nepal are syllabus focused and run on day hours to have enough time for them to teach everything on books and syllabus but what they miss is the extra activities students can learn when they have enough free time. They get enough free time to explore only if colleges are running in the morning hours.

If they have leisure time they can try to learn and explore on their own. The most common complaints from students are they don’t have time to explore. So colleges must think about it. or at least give 2 days’ leave in a week.

Community Building:

If the colleges run in morning hours student can build a community and work on a project during the day time which will benefit them hugely in the long term. They can form a team create a short or long term project and work as a team which will be nice source to learn and experiment on things that they learn in colleges.