We will assist you in converting percentages into a grading system using a systematic approach. Before we proceed, it is crucial for everyone to understand the concept of grading letters and their corresponding values. This knowledge is essential for the conversion process.

Here is the grading scale:

No. Interval in Percent Grade Description Grade Point

90 to 100% A+ Outstanding 4.0 80 to 90 A Excellent 3.6 70 to 80 B+ Very Good 3.2 60 to 70 B Good 2.8 50 to 60 C+ Above Average 2.4 40 to 50 C Average 2.0 20 to 40 D Below Average 1.6 1 to 20 E Insufficient 0.8 0 N Non-Graded 0.0

Note: Each grade interval is 0.4 from “Below Average” to “Outstanding”.

Evaluation and Calculation of Grades:

The grading system follows these steps:

  1. Percent Calculation: To calculate the percentage obtained in an exam, use the formula: Percent obtained = Obtained Marks * 100 / Full marks of Total subject. Multiply the total marks obtained by 100 and divide the result by the full marks of the subject. This calculation provides the percentage obtained in the examinations.
  2. Assigning Grades: The calculated percentage is then compared to the grading letter scale. In subjects that include practical marks, there is an additional consideration. For example, if you receive a grade of B in a theory subject and a grade of C in a practical subject, the overall grade for that subject will be the average of B and C, resulting in C+.
  3. GPA (Grade Point Average) Calculation: Each grade letter corresponds to a grade point. To calculate the GPA, add the grade points for each subject, divided by the total number of subjects.

GPA = Sum of all grade points / Number of subjects

  1. Determining the Average Grade: Using the calculated GPA, match the point within the grade range where it falls, and assign the corresponding grade to the student.

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Previously, Nepal used a percentage-based grading system. However, in recent years, Nepal has transitioned to a grading system instead. This article provides guidance for individuals who have their marks in percentage and wish to convert them into the grading system.