This article is for the SEE students who want to know which subject they can choose to study based on their GPA marks. Class 11 enrollment Guide 2074-2075 based on SEE GPA as we all know the SEE/SLC is now a GPA based so you must know this information about which subject you can choose to study after your SEE exam 2075. For example, you gave the SEE exam 2080 And checking your SLC result 2080 you got the GPA of 2 then check the list bellow determined by the Department of Education of Nepal and know which subject you are eligible for ready in class 11.

gpa based class 11 subject choosing

The list clearly shows which subject you are eligible to choose based on your received GPA Score in SEE.

How to know what you can learn after SEE result

Let us learn how to use the above guide to and know what subject you can learn after SEE exam result.

Suppose if you want to learn Hotel Mangement than it is clear from the above information in the image that you need to have following marks in the following subjects

English, Nepali Mathematics, and Social Studies: 1.6 GPA. So you must have 1.6 or above in these 4 subjects else you won’t be able to read hotel management.

Similarly, if you want to learn to say Science than you must have the GPA in following subjects

Minimum GPA 2 and C+ in Science and Mathematics and D+ in English, Nepali and Social Studies.

Remember if you miss to point the Grades as mentioned above then you really won’t be able to read the subject though you wish to.

If you have a problem in understanding above classification of subjects based on the Grades you achieved in SEE result. Feel free to write down below or comment to us we would help you understand or let you know what subjects you are eligible for based on your SEE grades.