As we all know most of the student’s target is going further for further study after class 10 or after intermediate study but do you know the benefits of studying within Nepal or in the home country where you are? Everything has pros and cos but Here are a few of the things everyone must know before choosing the study abroad.

Life is not easy outside:

The main problem with studying outside is unless you are rich dads kids you have to earn while studying. The fees and living expenses in foreign countries are way more expensive than in Nepal. Now you don’t have an option to just focus on study which you can easily do it in Nepal.

In a foreign land, you have to maintain your attendance and also make sure you find a job to sustain and pay your school fees. Because of this, you are under constant financial pressure. The fees of colleges in Nepal are comparatively lower. Finace is one of the major factor causing depression in students in abroad.

Quality of Educations:

Unless you are a scholar studying in some top colleges in the world its hard to find quality education abroad as well. Most of the college’s motive is to earn money from students. Just because you study in abroad does not mean you are studying in the best colleges with the best facilities and faculty so choose the college wisely. What you are shown online about the college is always not the same in reality but at least you have more options to know about the colleges in Nepal from your friend cirles, relatives or someone passed out from the college.

Home sickness:

Make sure you are comfortable living outside alone, far from your family. It’s not easy as it sounds being far from someone close to your heart for a long period of time.

World has globalized:

Due to internet the thing that were possible to read or were taught in best colleges are now available in internet as well. Make sure you know why you are choosing the college because the syllabus are now kind of same in almost all the colleges. What matters is the faculty and environment for the student which is quite lagging in Nepal but these days we do have best universities and colleges in Nepal a well.